Service Packages

Snappy Kiosk Photo Booth

SnS Greenscreen Photo Booth Setup

This is our minimum photo booth package but compare it with other premium packages out there and you still get more features, elegance and a professional service. The photo kiosk was designed with the guests and client in mind so they get the most fun, entertainment and ease of use of the photo kiosk.

Snappy Kiosk Glam Photo Booth

Our Glam Booth actually focuses on the guest’s photo prints– the Photo Kiosk and our setup is glamorous by default. The photos come out with a special high key and skin smoothing algorithm. Patterned after the Kardashian Glam Booth in the US but at much less of the cost. See this video for a quick preview and this link for some colored glam sample photos.

Hashtag Printing

SnS Hashtag Printing

Top reasons why you would choose a Hashtag Print station? Guests wont have to line up in a queue, a limited venue space, you get to see your event photos on Instagram and/or Twitter! Most of all empower your guests to express their creative appreciation of your event and see them on their Instagram or Twitter account.