Photobooth Features


Touch Screen Monitor

Let your virtual attendant serve your guests. Our touch screen monitor provides simple instructions to help people easily navigate the photobooth interface. But more than the simple instructions, our highly responsive screen can output the following:

  • Multiple Template Selection with Back Functionality

Provide your guests with photobooth template options to induce more creativity and add more fun. SnS customizes two or more design templates that match the event’s theme. In our experience, people go gaga over a number of choices. They line up again and again to complete their winning poses on different photobooth templates.

  • Color Filter Effects Selection

Guests can play with the tones of their photos. They can select whether their printouts will be colored, black and white or sepia. Perfect for  vintage-themed and old-school events.

  • Customize Photos by adding Family Name/Greetings/Wishes

Printout unique photobooth templates by adding special greetings or family names of your guests after their photos have been taken. A little touch of personalization makes memories linger more.


Chroma Keying with Green or Blue Screen


Your imagination is your limit! Chroma Keying enables SnS to create better and interactive photobooth templates. Each shot can have a different background or foreground. Ride a horse, pop out from a box, enjoy a jeepney ride, let your guests enjoy the make-believe scenes they see in their live-view screen, all made possible through Chroma Keying.




   SoftBoxProfessional Lighting

Our professional lighting enhances the quality of the photos produced. Ample light is provided for both the chroma key and the guests.

Be assured that your photo printouts radiate your guests’ beautiful faces.




hd-proProfessional HD Capture Devices

Our special wide-angle lens can cover more people in lesser space. SnS also ensures the right camera settings for the right environment is set to produce high quality prints.

Our HD webcam is at par in terms of output with the regular DSLR cameras. Its lightweight and compact built is perfect for small venues.



Seasoned IT Experts at your Service


Not only do we provide engaging and friendly customer service professionals, SnS people are seasoned IT experts that cover not only the overall worry-free photobooth experience of your gusts but also make sure that the latest technology will be incorporated in your next photobooth session.

Innovation runs in our blood. We continuously upgrade our service for your maximum entertainment.