Snappy Booth Lite

SnS Snappy Booth Lite Photobooth

SnS Snappy Booth Lite Photobooth

Snappy Booth Lite Photo Kiosk is a smaller version of its Big Brother Snappy Booth. Snappy Booth Lite is an all white i-Phone-shaped casing photo booth. This elegant photo booth is perfect both for personal events and big corporate events for mall shows and marketing promotions. The printer communicates with the kiosk thru wifi. The printer can be tucked somewhere so the setup is remarkably clean and elegant. It comes equipped with the latest in  Photobooth Software Features and our special recipe SnS Hollywood Glam Filter . This kiosk can be use either a Full HD Webcam or a DSLR Camera.


Snappy Booth

The Snappy Booth Photobooth is an all white I-Phone-shaped casing photobooth. This elegant photobooth is perfect for your mall shows and marketing promotions. Its clean and elegant, within it is a powerful Intel Core i3 with 8GB memory and 60GB SSD Hard drive that runs the operating system and parallel servers for a cutting edge Photobooth Software Features, Green Screen Cleanup and Social Sharing.Image capture can be provided by either a 15MegaPixel DSLR Camera with wide angle lens for the special Green Screen Chroma Key effects or an HD Webcam with 15.1MegaPixels.

For Promotions and Marketing Campaigns, we can install a 32″ Digital Display on top for Photo Slide Show and Advertisement. We can also add an IPad on the side to enable onsite social sharing of photos and much more advanced capabilities to really engage visitors.


Photo Entertainment + Onsite Social Sharing + Data Capture


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Snappy Booth



The Photoman “Nomad”

Known more commonly as a walking booth, roaming photobooth or a photoman. Our Nomad is armed with nothing more than a camera with a portable softbox all to ensure we take great photos all the time. THe shots are wirelessly transferred and prepared by our software so we can add customizations like branding and special graphics. The photos once ready are then printed using genuince consumables and handed to your guest in no time. Our Nomad is great when you want to capture not just snaps of your guests but placing them against your prepared program and venue.

Maximize your party’s entertainment value by availing some or all of our Photobooth Software Features.


Quick Setup + Photo Entertainment + Social Sharing


Open Air Booth

Custom Booth Fabrications

We can fabricate Photo Booths or Kiosks for varios setups. We also provide long-term leases for establishments to add more fun and entertainment or leverage the power of social media. Photos can be shared on preferred social media platform complete with custom message from the establishment.

We can customize the software process to allow for booths to directly accept payment before photo sequence for ID Printing and Passport Processing.

These custom kiosks may also be used to collect customer information or do a quick surveys. All information and reports can be forwarded to stake holders at designated schedule.

Maximize your venues entertainment value by availing some or all of our Photo Booth Features and Social Media Capability Photobooth Software Features.